Malaysia Jobs for Pakistani 2023

Malaysia Jobs for Pakistani 2023:-

Malaysia, situated in Southeast Asia, is renowned for its flourishing economy and diverse population. The nation boasts a vibrant multicultural community, picturesque natural landscapes, and a world-renowned cuisine. Malaysia also excels in providing exceptional healthcare and education facilities, as well as a low cost of living, making it a desirable location for foreign nationals seeking business or job opportunities.

The country offers a range of positions across various sectors, including manufacturing, electronics, medical science, information technology, construction, and tourism, making it an excellent destination for individuals with multiple skills and talents. Malaysia is widely known for welcoming dedicated individuals from around the world and creating a welcoming environment that fosters their career growth while valuing their contributions to the country. If you’re a Pakistani searching for work opportunities abroad, Malaysia is definitely worth considering.

Malaysia Job Visa for Pakistani:-

The Malaysia job visa for Pakistani nationals is a legal permit that grants them the right to work in Malaysia. This presents a significant opportunity for individuals from Pakistan to establish themselves in Malaysia and develop a successful career. As such, there is no need to delay in planning and pursuing this prospect, as it may offer a prosperous future in Malaysia.

Malaysia has undergone substantial development and implemented policy reforms that have transformed it into a hub for finance, manufacturing, and other services, moving away from an agricultural-based economy. To maintain and enhance its current standing, Malaysia requires skilled and unskilled workers. The country often seeks individuals to work as general laborers, waitstaff, chefs, sales associates, and assistants in its restaurants and shopping centers. Sales and service positions are among the most common and popular employment opportunities in Malaysia, constituting the largest occupational group in the country.

Malaysia Job Visa Types:-

The government of Malaysia offers diverse types of employment visas and permits depending on the nature of the applied work, which includes the Employment Pass, Temporary Employment Pass, and Professional Visit Pass.

Employment Pass:-

A professional tone must be used in communicating information related to the Malaysian Employment Pass. This type of work permit is exclusively granted to foreign nationals who are employed by a Malaysian company for a highly skilled post, such as a managerial or technical position.

In order for a foreign worker to receive an Employment Pass, the employer must obtain approval for their recruitment from the Expatriate Committee. The duration of the pass may vary from one to five years, depending on the specific circumstances, and may be extended or renewed as necessary.

To be eligible for an Employment Pass, the foreign worker must possess the required qualifications for the position, as well as relevant work experience. Furthermore, the salary offered should be at least RM 3,000 per month, and in certain cases, RM 10,000 per month.

Temporary Employment Pass:-

The Malaysian Temporary Employment Pass is issued for individuals seeking employment for up to two years. This pass is granted to individuals who meet the criteria of one of two categories, as follows:

The Foreign Worker Temporary Employment Pass allows foreign nationals to work in fields such as manufacturing, agriculture, plantation, construction, and services. However, this pass is restricted to nationals from a list of approved countries. On the other hand, the Foreign Domestic Helper Temporary Employment Pass is exclusive to female workers from approved countries.

With this pass, the female worker is only permitted to work in her employer’s home as a caretaker for young children or elderly parents. Certain conditions must be met by the applicant, including gender, age, and nationality, to be granted a Temporary Employment Pass. To qualify as a foreign domestic helper, the candidate must be a woman between the ages of 21 and 45 from an approved country. Being highly skilled is not a requirement for this type of pass.

Professional Visit Pass:-

  • The Malaysian Professional Visit Pass is a visa sponsorship granted to foreign nationals who remain employed by a foreign company but desire to temporarily work in Malaysia for up to one year. This pass only allows for employment in Malaysia for a specific duration and necessitates employment with a non-Malaysian entity.
  • This pass category is composed of religious workers, government personnel, foreign artists, film workers, guest lecturers, and trainees who are enrolled as students. As opposed to an employer in Malaysia, an applicant for this pass type requires a sponsor.
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Requirements to Start a Career in Malaysia:-

  • The employer is obligated to submit a work permit application on behalf of their employee for approval by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Upon approval of the application by the relevant Malaysian authority, eligible candidates may proceed to apply for a visa with reference if they are a national requiring a visa.
  • Acquiring a work permit results in the issuance of different working passes, such as the Employment Pass and Temporary Employment Pass, which are dependent on the required skills and nature of work. Approval of a work permit follows specific conditions, which encompass aspects such as age, gender, nationality, and income.

Chosen applicants, regardless of gender, shall receive competitive compensation packages including provisions for food, shelter, and medical attention provided by the hiring entities. Moreover, Malaysian Labor Laws mandate additional benefits and allowances to be afforded to eligible individuals.

Minimum Wages in Malaysia for Pakistani:-

Currently, the minimum wage established in Malaysia stands at RM 1500 monthly. As for international students studying in Malaysia, their hourly minimum wage is set to RM 7. While part-time work is limited to 4 hours a day and 20 hours per week, a Pakistani student studying in Malaysia can potentially earn up to RM 140 on a weekly basis and up to RM 560 in a month.

Jobs in Malaysia for International Students:-

Malaysia offers a plethora of employment opportunities for international scholars in diverse fields with attractive benefits and remuneration. To secure the right job, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on specific companies and domains of interest and properly use job search platforms.

International students seeking part-time work must acquire a work permit with guidance from their host institution in Malaysia. For an Employment Pass application, a confirmed offer letter from a legitimate employer and a valid passport are the primary requirements. International students are restricted to working in four sectors, namely petrol pumps, hotels, restaurants, and mini markets.

As a Pakistani student in Malaysia, various developing fields offer employment opportunities parallel to their academic pursuits, leading to a fruitful career in Malaysia after graduation.

Engaging in immoral activities, jobs, or professions while working part-time in Malaysia is prohibited. The educational institution where the international students are enrolled must select the candidates for part-time work.

Presently, numerous part-time job vacancies await in Malaysia, and the options are still abundant. International students in Malaysia have opportunities to gain valuable work experience and earn income through on-campus job options that include cafeteria workers, office assistants, and library associates.

Malaysia’s government welcomes talented individuals through education, work, and career opportunities. The Residence Pass of Talent enables skilled students to live and work in Malaysia for a maximum of ten years.

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